Robert Seaback is a composer and sound artist interested in the semiotic differences between acoustic and synthetic or digitally mediated sources. He has composed works that pair acoustic instruments with electronic sound, multichannel acousmatic music, and sound installations. He holds a Ph.D. in music composition from the University of Florida and degrees in composition and technology from Northeastern University and Mills College.

His electroacoustic works have been presented at numerous international festivals and conferences such as ICMC, ISCM World New Music Days, NYCEMF, EMM, EmuFest, Sonorities Festival, and TIES. Select compositions are featured on SEAMUS/New Focus and Ablaze records. Robert is currently Assistant Professor of Sound Design at Dakota State University.

Artist Statement

I compose electronic music that incorporates acoustically recorded sound—from the environment, of non-musical objects, and of traditional instruments—and synthetic or modified sound unique to the digital medium. With these materials, I seek to establish a dynamic interplay between embodied complexities, informational patterns, and noise. I view technology as a means to evoke cross-sensorial experiences in which memories of space and physical sensation (instigated by the projection of sound) are reconfigured to carry musical drama and emotional affect. Sounds may impress upon the listener qualities of intimate to expansive spaces, noise of everyday life, traditional musical discourse, or technological mediation. I deconstruct and reassemble these materials using a variety of digital techniques, many of which can be defined as microsonic approaches to sound construction.