Mutation (as the mark that noise leaves upon presence)

trumpet, percussion, piano, & electronics


SPLICE Ensemble at ICMC/NYCEMF, 6-18-2019 (poor audio quality)

mutation demo (excerpt)

The title Mutation (as the mark that noise leaves upon presence) is derived from N. Katherine Hayles’s semiotics of virtuality—a heuristic device with which she maps her concept of posthumanism as a literary phenomenon. Mutation “achieves its potency as a social and cultural manifestation of the posthuman” when noise erupts into the material world causing changes in material forms.

Following this notion, Mutation explores artificial—informational—structures derived from the natural property of acoustic resonance and embraces the noise that emerges from their unconventional manipulations. At odds are body representations such as the harmonic series, recordings of resonant objects, prescriptive music notation, and the distortions inherent in material and embodied circumstances which, while always inevitable, are reinforced through extended performance practices and transformative digital processes.

Mutation was written for and is dedicated to SPLICE Ensemble.