Robert Seaback

Robert Seaback is a composer and sound artist from the US currently based in Oslo, NO. His music expresses corporeality, the hyperreal, digital stasis, and continuums between—integrating voices, instruments, soundscapes, and synthetic sources through digital techniques. He has worked in different mediums including spatial audio, mixed music for ensemble, electroacoustic improvisation, and sound installation. 

Robert has a PhD in composition from the University of Florida and degrees in music from Mills College (MA) and Northeastern University (BS). He is currently an Artistic Research Fellow at the Norwegian Academy of Music, working with Natasha Barrett. His music has been presented at international events such as ICMC, NYCEMF, Sonorities, MA/IN, and the ISCM World New Music Days, and has been recognized with awards from Música Viva Competition, IEM & VDT 3D Audio Production Competition, Xenakis International Electronic Music Competition, ASCAP/SEAMUS, University of Florida, and Mills College.

composer | sound artist